We have found some of the most gorgeous travel destinations that are exceptionally affordable fair immediately. Check them outside below.

The Azores

This is a string of volcanic islands that is 900 miles from the coast of Portugal. This area is suffering economic problems just like mainland Portugal and it method you can get some fantastic deals. The rates on hotels in Portugal have dropped a abundance since 2009. You can stay at many 5 star hotels in Portugal for small more than 100 dollars per day. The Azores have gorgeous churches, black sand beaches by the dozen and lakes in craters. You can get a charter plane from Boston with packages that commence at a small over $700.

The best age to visit is October, in our belief. It is seasonal, about 70 degrees and you will delight in nearly 12 hours of day blaze. We also recommend traveling from about October to May which is the slower season in the Azores.


There still is a travel alert for Egypt due to some unrest, however tourism is 10% of the economy here and the nation is just dying for human beings to visit. Tourism is off by more than 30% since all of the protest started 18 months ago. There are immediately major deals to be had at hotels and for travel excursion packages. One of the largest tour companies in Europe divide more than $600 off a regular excursion to Egypt. Typical hotel rooms encircling major destinations have dropped 25% or more in value. And some prices at some hotels are off nearly 50%.

The best age to visit is from March to May and from September to November. It is cooler at these times, however it avoids the tourist throngs of midwinter and the higher prices that accompany them.

If you are going to travel to Egypt, you have to stop in Europe unless you desire really get an outrageous air fare value of over $1,000. Some of the best fares typically are from Fresh York to Cairo with one stop in Europe for about $800.

San Diego

You do not have to travel outside of the US to delight in fun and sun at a excellent value. San Diego is one of the top-visited cities in the US. The prices here are also cheaper than Los Angeles and San Francisco. We reckon that hotel prices will keep dropping here through 2012 before increasing in 2013.

In San Diego you can delight in Sea Earth, the zoo and much a theme park based encircling LEGOs. The age of year with the most rain is Nov-March however much during those times there only is a hardly any inches of rain. The best age to go to the beach is from April-October. You will very rarely see it get colder than 70 degrees during the day age.

You can get a cheap flight from Fresh York Megalopolis to San Diego these days for about $300 round trip. This is a really nice place to visit in the US that is very tourist-friendly and affordable.

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