Science fiction has extended toyed with thought of a earth where humans are not at the top of the aliment chain. Films like Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park, and Predators all operate in a fictional reality in which another race or species, by employ of mental superiority or brute energy, has overcome humans. Although we often reckon it will be mad apes or aliens who will ruin us (if we don’t ruin ourselves first) it could easily be mice. What if mice grew as large as dinosaurs, as smart as genetically enhanced apes, and chose to capture the earth back from humans? Join me while I play outside this dystopian fantasy in a scenario so wild it just may be fair.

Picture if you will a massive megalopolis. Not massive in the same path Fresh York Megalopolis is massive however a megalopolis where van sized mice roam the streets going about their business and the humans must hide underground and in the walls. A megalopolis that stretches miles into the air and hundreds of miles across. We are in Rodentopolis and the year is 2224.

Mice would employ mouse glue traps (or human glue traps as they would call them) to catch humans who would steal their aliment. Humans would constantly be killed or trapped by mouse traps. By mouse traps of direction I mean traps sprung on humans by enormous and intellectually superior mice.

Humans would be forced to hunt for the scraps of aliment left behind by these uber-mice at night. It would be risky since if the super mice would see the humans scurrying across their floor they would try to step on them.

The mice would have detailed history books that described the dark days of mouse kind. The days when mice were killed in mouse glue traps. The days when mice were dumb and frightened seeing their kind endlessly slaughtered by mouse traps.

However then a charismatic escaped lab rat united the rodents and taught them to grow enormous in amount and intellectual prowess. The mouse traps of ancient no longer worked on these mice. Neither did the combined armies of all the earth. And so the mice took over and the humans had to go underground.

Although this scenario is purely fictional, it could happen. That is why it is vital to employ mouse glue traps to control the pest population immediately. We don’t know when evolution will throw us a curveball. Bigger safe than sorry.

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